Actually, this is rocket science.

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Join Us

Regular meetings for the spring are cancelled for the rest of the semester. Join us again in the fall for more rocketry fun. For summer opportunities, contact us or a club officer.
Join us for an opportunity to pursue your passion for rocketry. We have all of the supplies, resources, and guidance you'll need to become the rocketeer you've always wanted to be.


The Ramblin' Rocket Club (NAR Section 701 - GTRC) is the single largest recreational club in the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. At GTRC we have 5 fundamental goals:
(1) To design, build, and fly rockets
(2) To apply engineering principles to the rocketry hobby
(3) To teach the principles of rocketry and flight to everyone interested in science, technology, and engineering
(4) To foster friendship and camaraderie among members and in the rocket community
(5) To share a common interest with others, especially in Georgia and the Southeast.


Members explore their passion for rocketry with other members, creating friendships along the with. Be a part of this once in a lifetime experience, and join us this semester for learning, friendship, and fun.