Welcome to the Ramblin' Rocket Club

Meetings are Thursdays at 6:30pm in ESM room G8

Project Ideas

There are a wide range of possibilities to work on in the club. Areas of interest include rocket design and construction, aerodynamics, simulations, modeling, composite materials, radio telemetry and tracking, electronic data loggers, scientific payloads, controls, and more.


Club builds involve building a large rocket as a group, with opportunities for hands on participation and instruction to get experience needed to build your own rockets. These will be held throughout the semester over several weeks, with specific dates to be announced.

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How to Join: Sign up for the email list (see below), or show up to a meeting. Dues are $15/semester (per SGA minimum) and should be paid to the treasurer.
Club t-shirts are $10 each and should be paid to the treasurer.

Email List

Official communication, along with open discussion between members, is carried out on the Ramblin' Rocket Club (GTRC) email list. To subscribe, go to https://lists.gatech.edu and look under the Available Lists tab. If you have any questions about the club, sign up for the list and send out a message.

You can also subscribe by clicking here.

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