Georgia Tech
Experimental Rocketry

GTXR: Tech's Biggest Rocket!

Georgia Tech Experimental Rocketry is Tech's entry into the world's largest international rocketry competition. In their first year, the team won their COTS category with a nominal two-stage flight to about 30,000ft. For 2020, the team designed research vehicles to test payload, mechanical staging, an active drag system, and solid rocket motors for a 2020 flight in the 30K SRAD Category. In 2021, GTXR will be participating in the research category with a flight to 100K and in the next few years breaking the boundary of space.

Spaceport welcomes students of all majors and levels of experience, the only requirement is a passion for rocketry and an interest in engineering. Existing sub-teams include: structures, avionics, simulations, propulsion, and payload.

What is Spaceport America?

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GTXR meeting announcments and project updates will be shared on Instagram: @gt_xr

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