Our Highest Flying Team!

The Georgia Tech High Altitude Balloon team, or Buzzin’ Ballooners, is team of over around a dozen members working on high altitude balloons with multiple goals.

One of the primary goals of the HAB team is to compete in the annual Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC). This challenge is an international competition to send a high-altitude balloon to 100,000ft and offers the chance to compete for “best educational initiative”, “best design”, and “best photo”. The RRC first entered the competition in Spring 2019 and has competed every year since.

Separately, the HAB team also hopes to provide a long-term research platform for labs around the Aerospace department, and other GT labs interested, to test components at high altitudes. The HAB team partners directly with the Georgia Tech Space Systems Design Lab (SSDL) to develop balloons reliable enough to test cube-satellite components.

Third, the HAB teams hopes to eventually open its services to the Georgia Tech community, greater Atlanta area and, of course, sponsors as an opportunity to take amazing footage of a small item they want to send up high. Finally, the Buzzin’ Ballooners’ long term goal is to develop a balloon to circumnavigate the globe.

Find out more: https://www.balloonchallenge.org/

Some Photos:

Some Videos: