What is the Ramblin' Rocket Club?

The Ramblin' Rocket Club (NAR Section 701 - GTRC) is the single largest recreational club in the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. At GTRC we have 5 fundamental goals:

  1. To design, build, and fly rockets
  2. To apply engineering principles to the rocketry hobby
  3. To teach the principles of rocketry and flight to everyone interested in science, technology, and engineering
  4. To foster friendship and camaraderie among members and in the rocket community
  5. To share a common interest with others, especially in Georgia and the Southeast.

How to Join?

You can start being an active member of the club by attending our general meetings, which are open to all our members and anyone interested in rocketry! The Ramblin’ Rocket Club (RRC) holds its general member meetings every Thursday at 6:30pm in Guggenheim 442 unless otherwise specified. The best way to find out if the meeting location or times have been changed is to join the RRC’s mailing list and check the weekly emails.

Some semesters, the RRC also holds advanced rocketry meetings which cover more advanced topics of rocket engineering, such as nozzle design, liquid rocket propulsion, or aerodynamics. These meetings are generally held at 7:05pm in either Guggenheim 442 or ESM G8. Note that both buildings are buzzcard restricted to Aerospace Engineering students after 5pm on weekdays, but any exec board member will happily let you in.

Our Projects: