In the beginning, it was a dream.
Now, it is a plan.
Soon, it will be a reality.

Project K17 (now the "Yellow Jacket Space Program (YJSP)") was an initiative that began within the GT Ramblin' Rocket Club. It's purpose is to extend our first objective of designing, building, and flying rockets to unseen territory both within the university and across the globe. Since it's inception and as a result of phenomenal interest in the program, the YJSP has evolved into an independent project. It is now separate from the Ramblin' Rocket Club. Many members and team leaders within the YJSP also work with the Rablin' Rocket Club as both organizations share a common interest. We thus recommend that all students apply and participate in both to get the most rocket building experience!

If you would like to get involved in the YJSP, follow the link below.

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