Chris' Rocket Supplies

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Our motor and motor hardware supplier, also carries a selection of recovery systems and electronics. Present at most of our regular launches throughout the year. Carries Aerotech, Cesaroni and Loki-brand high power motors and hardware.

Wildman Rocketry

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Wide range of materials and components from a variety of suppliers. Common source for our non-stock items such as nosecones, parachutes and airframes.

Mailing Tubes Online

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Supplier of the stock sized cardboard airframes and mounts carried by the club

McMaster Carr

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For quite possibly everything else you'd ever need. Will call available in Atlanta warehouse

Other Popular Rocketry Component Vendors and Suppliers

Apogee Components
Madcow Rocketry
Public Missiles

Popular Flight Electronics Suppliers

Adept Rocketry
Missile Works
Featherweight Altimeters
Altus Metrum
Eggtimer Rocketry

Other Electronic Component Vendors

SparkFun Electronics
Digi-Key Electronics

Raw Materials and Hardware

McMaster Carr
Online Metals
Belt Depot
US Composites
Soller Composites